I should start SS’ing all these whispers I get

Ego boosts and such. 

  • great healer/heals/grip
  • best priest I’ve ever played with
  • a rogue who actually knows what’s going on
  • I’ve seen you..you can solo half their team
  • you are my hero (ikr?)
  • ARE YOU REALLY FAT AND HORRENDOUS? (oh, I wish I could find that picture :()
  • "she goes alright" (guildies are so thoughtful)
  • get your ne rogue to 85 (she’s 54 LOL), you’re the only one worthy of wings
  • if you sat down and stopped painting your nails every BG, you’d be in the top 10%
  • /spit (it brings teh warm fuzzies)
  • QQ MVP (guildies call me QQ because thats what those night elves do when they meet me /flex. nah, it actually might have something to do with the sad state of healing affairs early LK. DO U REMEMBER THAT BECAUSE I DO; DARKEST TIME OF MY LIFE)
  • here QQ you’re so fucking awesome have a billion jillion gold and all these cats (okay, this never happened) 
  • you are the worst effing DK I’ve ever met (guilty..none have made it past 60). 
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